like-null is a blog created by Atul Kumar Singh to put forward his thoughts about Artificial Intelligence and on Web Penetration testing and General tech-related things. He is still learning Data Science and Artificial Intelligence but has gained enough knowledge to teach Web Penetration testing. Here you can learn Web penetration testing, Artificial Intelligence and lots more about tech.


Hi, I am Atul Kumar Singh this blog is my third blog in the blogger's platform I also own some non-commercial websites like and I started this blog to make people understand web penetration testing and ethical hacking I know my posts are not perfect but it has enough stuff for beginners who really want to learn penetration testing and ethical hacking. I also write posts about general tech-related topics which people may not know, many peoples don't know many things about the tech they are using in there life.

This blog does not promote any kind of illegal activity nither illegal hacking either this blog has its own aim to make future Pen testers and to dilerver you good quality content about tech. 

A little bit more about me

I am from India and I love tech. 

I started hacking from the age of 14 years old my story begins from hacking games and then I started learning HTML as this was my school syllabus and I loved it then I started creating my own simple website and I also started using termux to just see how these things works while learning game hacking and termux I explored a new world of Hacking in my life and I downloaded a pdf from the internet which changed my life which makes me understand what is hacking. After this when I cleared my board exams I bought my first laptop which is still I am using and I spent hours on Youtube to learn how to perform hacking using pc but after this now I was clear about how to start and I started and used online platform like Cyberay and other websites too, like websites to learn Ethical Hacking and Web Penetration Testing and by end of that year I learned many things related to the world of technology also due to my school syllabus I learned languages like Java, HTML, CSS, Python and etc but little more vast form the syllabus. But I faced many problems online learning, the software which was used was old, updates were different, Kali Linux was not easy to use and it was really hard for me to successfully perform attacks after watching more than 10 videos on one topic I was only able to learn basics to make it advance I suffered a huge because of these problems I learned that there is no problem in me, the problem is in the videos which I was watching so I started this blog so that no one else should face this problem. But it takes a turn also and I also write posts on tech-related topics which majority of people doesn't know about the tech and to I am still exploring the world of tech. And now I own 5+ websites and some of them are:-
And this blog too.

And I have also created non-commercial Applications like:-

Web Ex 1.0
Cool Down Bro.

And I hope that I am helping someone and resolving someone's problems. 

Created by Atul Kumar Singh.