Technology Negative or Positive? The real TRUTH.


Here in this post, I will describe some facts and points, and case studies, which will help you to decide if technology is Good or Bad. This will lead you to rethink your beliefs over technology evils. 

Internet is full of case studies and facts which prove that technology is bad for humans, here technology includes Smartphones, TVs, Games, Social Media and etc. So many questions asked:-

And many more questions are also asked, but through this post, I want to diverge your attention towards our own weakness and the real problem with this.

But just give me another 10 min, then you can decide whether technology is harmful or it is just our assumption. From problems till solution we will discuss it all. Stay with me till the end.

1. Hiding Weakness.

Human thinks in a way that helps us to hide our disabilities and our mistakes. For example, if  "GUNS" many of you might think that if guns weren't invented then there wouldn't be any World Wars, and there are a lot of groups that are protesting and are working to publish a ban on gun manufacturing and the use of weapons. 


Think for a moment dose a weapon is the main reason for war and conflicts between humans, Answer is "NO" it is wrong to blame guns and weapons for the war between humans. Just to hide our fault we created this statement. Before the invention of guns, HUMANS were fighting for land, power and etc. According to holy books, many wars were fought before the complete development of language.

So, the point is humans will fight with each other and it has no connections to the manufacturing of weapons.

"When we try to prove that weapons are the main reason of war, We tried to hide our weakness, which is not to maintain peace." As we all know humans are bad at peacekeeping. And we hid our weakness and framed guns for our actions.

And exactly, this is also happening with technology. People say Technology is harming society, technology is making us dumb, technology is increasing social gaps, some couples say technology has negative effects on human relationships, and etc.

But here we try to hide our weakness. If you say smartphones are the king of distraction, then let me tell you they aren't the problem is not with phones, the real problem is with you, You don't have the concentration power. You are diable to control your mind and to hide your disabilities you cannot blame technology for this. The phone is just an abiotic thing and we decide how to use it, whether to get addicted or to get benefited.

We, Humans, are just framing technology to hid our disabilities and weakness.

Example Morphine:

Many of you would have read or know what it is, but for those who don't - Morphine is a pain medication it is used to treat severe pain in cases of operations. But Morphine is also used by drug addicts because it provides effects of pleasure and relief, And Morphine addiction causes many effects but still, some people are using morphine as an addiction, and just because some people are affected because of their own mistakes, We cannot stop manufacturing morphine. We cannot imagine medical operations and meditation without morphine. Which has a similar relation with technology, just because some people are affected because of technology due to their own mistakes and weakness, we cannot stop or ban technology. We cannot imagine a world without technology.
So, We have to quit accusing our smartphones, TVs, and other electronic items and games of our related problems. It is well said-

"A knife in the hand of criminals can take someone's life but the same knife in the hand of a doctor can save someone's life." 

2. How beautiful is technology...

In the past 200 years, improvement in technology has led humans to attain new heights, from the printing press to emoji in our phone has helped us to have a better way of life and communication. 

In this kind of situation, when the world is facing a global pandemic, technology is our backbone, In starting of the post I wrote " technology includes smartphones, TVs, games, social media and etc. " And here etc means- thermometer, Artificial organs, ventilators, CT and MIR scanning machines and if you think technology has bad influence then exclude them all from vehicles to smartphones to satellites to the internet and other things. 

Because the development and improvement in small technology led to the development and improvement in advanced technology for example- from development and improvement in smartphone camera technology to the development and improvement in satellite camera and camera used in the pharmaceutical field are the same tech. Improvement in small things leads to the development of revolutionary technology. 

Technology has provided us community participation and a new way to live life and just because of human sins we cannot let it go. I think now you believe that technology is not the problem, the real problem is in human nature and behavior and discipline. We have to start resolving our problems instead of framing technology for this. 

Your phone isn't the problem of your low grades, anxiety, sleep problems, eyestrains, poor posture, and reduced physical activities. But your behavior and discipline are the real influencing factors.


If you have realized that the real problem is not with tech it is with us, And we are humans we may have many defects but still, we have always figured out something and we will resolve our problems again-again, then let's being with solutions of some major effects of technology as framed by us, the whole idea to resolve the problem is to improve ourselves.

If you are facing psychological effects like-

1.) Depression and Anxiety-  Then you should reduce your social media uses, I am not saying to stop using it, just reduce it to a level where your social interaction and entertainment both is fulfilled. Try YOGA and meditation and etc. The whole game is here to control yourself and it will come from practice.

2.) Social weak- You should must talk to people by physically meeting them, spend more and more time with friends and family, do read a physical book at least once a month.

And if you are facing Physical problems like-

1.) Eyestrains- You should try the 20-20-20 rule, according to this rule, after 20-min screen time take a 20-sec break and the screen should be 20 feet(600cm) away, 20min-20sec-20feet. This would help you to reduce eyestrains. 

And in advance control, your daily screen time, meaning your screen time must be below 6 hrs a day if you are a tech-related employee or worker, And if you are a student and attend online classes then let it be under 5 hrs not more than that, if your online classes run more than 5 hrs then you should try to convince your teacher or administration to reduce it as this could lead to serious issues. And if you are a normal person means you use smartphones for a basic purpose like for entertainment, social media, and for communication then it must be below 3 hrs.

2.) Sleep problems- Then you should avoid using your smartphone tab or pc when you are close to the bed, never use your phone before bedtime. If you have to sleep at 10 pm then you should switch off your device at 08:30 pm to avoid sleep problems and if it is necessary to use it before bedtime then you should turn on eye mode, reading mode, night light(windows) and etc according to your device which makes your screen less blue and more orange because blue color stimulates brain that's why the orange theme is applied to counter sleep problems.

3.) Declined physical activities- Then you should try to avoid too much use of phones, tabs, and pc and try to wake up early and do go for a morning walk and have good workout sessions by yourself or by someone else, The main point here is to maintain daily physical activity. You should avoid prolonging the use of your device have small breaks in every 30min.  


Technology is not our enemy but we are, if we try to make ourselves more discipline then we can overcome the problem which we blamed technology for. Technology is negative or positive it only depends upon our ways to use it. Or we can say the Influence of technology on us is described by how we use it. I hope now you understand why we are the main problem, not technology.

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