Instagram answers why some post gets more views and explained their algorithm.

Mosseri (head of Instagram) said that when Instagram first switched to the timeline system when it launched in 2010, it became impossible to see all the content as more people joined. “In 2016, people lost 70% of their information flow, including almost half of the information from close friends,” he said of the company’s decision to switch the timeline to a confidential information flow. 

The company uses "signals" or information to announce the preferences of the people and users who download them. It depends on how likely you are to like the video where you are watching it (on the web or on your phone) when the video was published, and most importantly, how often you interact with someone. I like it. How likely is it that you spend a few seconds posting, commenting, liking, saving, and clicking on your profile photo, and then posting it to your newsfeed?

 Instagram also shows fewer consecutive posts from the same user, probably because you don’t see too many similar images. Similarly, he also prioritizes reposting stories from users’ news feeds but stops resharing important stories during social unrest or social events such as the World Cup. The overview section has different algorithms and signals to determine which photos and videos the user is interested in. For example, if a user likes a series of Chef posts, these posts will be displayed in the "Browse" tab. 

From people who like similar photos and show you posts from connected accounts. The company also follows guidelines that may disturb users and publishes information promoting e-cigarette or tobacco use on the "Summary" tab. Instagram is also reviewing its controversial shadowban, adding: “We think we have not done enough to explain the reasons for the removal of content. If we do things that are not recommended and how Instagram usually works.” 

The company also added that it processes millions of user reports on the platform every day, and “can’t guarantee that you will consistently reach the same number of people when you post. In fact, most of your followers will not be able to see what you share, Because most people will only see less than half of the content.

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