Facebook encourages people to report inappropriate content.


Facebook encourages people to report inappropriate content. Social media giant Facebook launched a new campaign on Tuesday to encourage people to report child abuse on its platform instead of posting.

Network Peace Foundation and Arpanin cooperate with the organization. The project started with an animated video showing the negative impact that the dissemination of child abuse material may have on the children who are the subject of the material, even if the action is about to happen. condemn. "We want to create a safe and supportive environment on Facebook, and we are working on it. We continue to work.


However, we will not take any measures to identify and delete such content before it is made public. .In order to invest a lot of money in personnel and technology, we also want to spread them. KMadhu Sirohi, the head of Final Reach's political project, said in a statement: "When people see material about child abuse on our platform, please be aware that they will act accordingly. ...


There is a safe space. And an open conversation about the issues surrounding it. But community parenting has also become a place to discuss all aspects. "I saw it happen, it’s not fair. We share what we have without considering the consequences. Even if it is child abuse material, this is a way to make people aware of it. This can be a deliberate approach.


Negative events around us, but their impact on children is huge, this is the main problem. So working with Facebook today, I want to tell you when you see this content, please don't share this content, but share it! Report! Du Pia said. 1098 and contact the Childline India Foundation Report to see if the content is in the Facebook application series. This can be done at fb.me/onlinechildprotection. Earlier this year, the social media giant banned the posting of illegal child abuse content on Facebook and Instagram.


 To the previously announced content. it is. Most of the communication has no intention of harming the child. The ideas for October and November 2020 were also submitted to I (NCMEC). Facebook recently updated its child protection policy to clarify that the use of innocent children's photos with titles, hashtags, or comments on Facebook profiles, pages, groups, and Instagram accounts is not allowed. Or comments about the children in the picture. and Facebook makes it easier for companies to report content that violates their child abuse guidelines. 

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