Todays Tech History 03 December

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So guys here is Todays Tech History 03 December

1. Anocument of 7600 Super Computer by CDC

On 03 December 1968 CDC a supercomputer company and one of the old supercomputer companies of the USA. 

CDC on 3rd December 1968 announced there 7600 Super COmputer which was really faster than there trivial companies which were IBM and here are some specs to this:

7600 Supercomputer was able to run on 36.4 MHz Which was really cool. 

And speed was equal to 27.5 ns clock cycle. 7600 was the predecessor of CDC 6600. Between 1969 and 1975 this computer was known as the fastest computers in the world.

And it was sold for $62 to $155 thousand (monthly rent / 1968) with 75 units was sold. 7600 was using the SCOPE Operating system. This supercomputer was kind of supercomputers for providing multitasking which was not usual at that time. 

2. Artificial Heart.

03 Dec 1982 at University of Utah Medical Center a dentist named Barney Clark was the first human who received the first artificial heart and the artificial heart was named as Jarvik 7.  And he was also able to survive for 112 days which was for me quite amazing.

The Surgery was performed by Dr William DeVries with Dr Robert Jarvik. Clark said that "It may not work that well for me. I'll do it for the next patient" and salute this guy.

3. First Human Heart Transplant.

A heart transplant is now usual for heart patients because now we have Experienced Doctors and advanced medical equipment but think of the time when it was going to be the first time in medical history. 

03 Dec 1967, Dr Christiaan Barnard and other 20 surgeons performed the first heart transplant. The patient was 54 years old African Businessman. The heart was of Denise Darvall who was an accident victim. the patient lived for 18 days and died because of pneumonia and immune suppressors were the reason for that.

And the Second Heart Transplant was also done by the same doctor and the patient lived for more than 1.5 years and was also discharged from the hospital. 

4. Development of Neon Light.

03 Dec 1910, Neon light was discovered by Georges Claude who was a great French physicist. And he showed that colour light can be produced by electric current by the use of inert gas and in a vacuum tube. 

The first Neon sing was for a hairdresser, Amazing. And this became a popular sing and neon tech also became popular. By the use of different gases, we can generate 150 different colours and neon gas one of them and I think the name is probably inspired by the chemical neon which was used.

And some colours which were used at that time were Range-red, green and purple. And these gases were Aragon, mercury which provided a soft lavender like colour.

5. Death of -😞- some Genius.

03 Dec 2004 - Shiing-shen Chern (born on 26 Oct 1911) was Chinese-American, Mathematician. And he is known for the development of Chern characteristics classes in fibre space and without this Mathematical and Mathematical physics will be incomplete. He has given many contributions to differential geometry and topology and is also known as the Father of Modern Differential.

03 Dec 1993, Lewis Thomas died at the age of 80. He was a great American physics and well known for his work in the field of immunology and pathology. He is known for many other works in filed of biology. 

03 Dec 1935, Charles Richet died at the age of 85 and was a French Physiologist, Bacteriologist and was also awarded Noble Price in 1913. He coined the term anaphylaxis which means against protection.

Hats off to these gentlemen and do spend 2 min silence for these fantastic and great persons.

Birth of some Great Scientist.

  Peter C. Schultz in 1942

  Paul Crutzen in 1933

  John Backus in 1924

  Richard Kuhn in 1900

  Anna Freud in 1895

  Manne Siegbahn in 1886

  Richard Pearse in 1887

  Edward Greenly in 1861

  Carl Koller in 1857
And many more other great person born today.

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