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Here in this post, you will get know some of the historical events taken place on 02 December, Not all the events are listed but the majority of them are listed here with mid-range brief information.

1. NORC Dedication.

NORC or Naval Ordnance Research calculator, I know guys many people don't know about these type of machines but don't worry it is simple, just read the post till the end.

So, NORC was a type of supercomputer built by IBM in 1954 for US Naval Ordnance and was the first supercomputer of that time, it was the first generation vacuum tube computer and idea was quite different. NORC was used for calculations as we use our calculators but it was one of the powerful computers of that time.

On 2nd December  US Navy dedicated this to Naval Surface weapons centre in Dahlgren, Virginia. And Dahlgren's used NORC for ballistic calculations.

This machine was very powerful at that time, this machine calculated value of pi to 3089 digits in just 13 min. It is true and a little bit shocking also, the programmes and the creators made it possible.
here are some stock Images of that computer (if they are not clear then click on them to make them clear).

Joachim Jeenel programmed NORC and Byron Havens was the chief engineer.
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2. Semi Joseph Begun

Today on 02 Dec 1905, Semi Joesph Begun was born he was German-American scientist. He is known for his work on magnetic recording tapes. He built the first tape-recorder for broadcasting in 1934, And it was used in Olympics in 1936, At that time tape-recording was not usual tech. But because of Begun we are now able to use magnets in recording and data storage purpose.

And he also worked on recording with the use of ferromagnets and some of the coating substances which was also a great and amazing work in the scientific hall of frame.

And he also developed first consumer tape recording in the U.S with a trading name of Soundmirror.

You can say that the Soundmirror was a sound recording tool which was an amazing and quite new interesting tool. Finding Images of the sound mirror was not an easy job, and I still can't say that these are original images of the sound mirror.

He also invented Mail-A-Voice which was also a new and amazing tool at that time. This machine(Mail-A-Voice BK-503) changed the way of storing data in magnetic strips.

Mail-A-Voice BK-503 (ear 1948 - 1950):-

The Mail-A-Voice main principle was Audio-Amplification and comes in a metal case. And at the place of loudspeakers Earphones was used.

This great man died on 5 Jan 1995 at the age of 89 years. Hats of to this guy and 2 mins silence.

3. China first lunar landing probe was launched today.

Today in 2013, China launched its lunar probe named Chang'e-3, which was carrying Jade rabbit rover and the name Chang's in Chinese mythologies refers to the goddess of the moon.

Chang'e-3 crossed lunar orbit on 6th December and landed on 14th December. And the landing was termed as soft-landing and was the first soft-landing after the USSR Lunar 24 in the year of 1976. The main objective was to study the surface and environment of the moon.

And on 28th December 2015, they discovered a new type of rock on Moon's surface which was named as ballistic rock and it was rich in black minerals specifical ilmenite.

Check out Wikipedia for more info:- Wikipedia

4. Atomic Power Plant in Shippingport Pennsylvania.

In 1957 first full scale atomic electric generating plant was started in the U.S. at Shippingport, Pennsylvania. And this was the amazing power plant. 

And this power plant was made after 15 years of the Fermi's Experiment. The plant was able to generate 60 megawatts of power for Pittsburgh. This power plant was built by The Duquesne Light Co. and they also operated the power plant but this power plant was designed by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. And in 182 this power plant was retired. 

This power plant construction cost was $72..5 million and about 32 months of hard work constructed this power plant.

Death of -😞- some Genius:-

02 December  1935 - James Henry Breasted 

James Henery Breasted was American Egyptologist, and archaeologist and also a historian and know for the work on ancient Egypt and eastern Asia. 

02 December 1920 -  Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney

Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney was a great English astronomer and chemist. And he is known for the colour photography and colour vision. He developed a chemical called d hydroquinone which was able to take an effective photograph.

02 December 1907 -  Charles R. Drysdale

Charles Robert Drysdale was a British physician and public health scientist.

Philippe Lebon (1804) and Gerardus Mercator (1594) also died on 02 December.

Hats off to these guys and do pay a 2 min silence for these amazing and great persons.

So, guys, these were some of the historical events related to technology and science I hope you liked it and Do share this post to your friends and family and if you want to get daily notification of our Today's Tech History then do subscribe this website.
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