10 Smartphone Myths and their reality. Explained.

Hi, Guys today in this post I will inform you about 10 smartphone myths and I will also explain the reasons so read the post till the end and enjoy it.

10. USB-C is better than Micro USB.

No USB-C and Micro USB are same but occasionally USB-C beats Micro USB but it doesn't mean that Micro USB is slower than USB-C.

USB-C is more Durable, Longlasting, supports reverse-charging but the speed of the data and electricity transfer relies upon the standard of the USB used. If USB 2.0 is employed then they both will be slow and if USB 3.0 is employed then they both will be fast. 

So the speed depends upon the standard used (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) but I am in the rage of USB-C because it is more beneficial but still, the speed depends upon the standard used and they will be no use if your device doesn't support that, which means if your device doesn't support fast charging then there is no benefit of using 3.0 USB-C or Micro USB. And by the time there will be USB 4.0 which will faster than USB 3.0.

9. More Ram makes the phone better.

It is not completely true. Our phone speed is defined by the processor used not by the Random Access Memory, Ram provided us feature which is called multi-tasking which we see in computers and supercomputer and more Ram is also used for running bigger programs and software.

Look more Ram on our phone is useless because smartphones didn't require more ram to be fast, Processor decides the speed of your device.

For example, Ram is like a Table ( on which you study or do your work) and by making your table too large doesn't affect your productivity, By using a good processor you can increase your smartphone performance.

So, if you want to buy a phone with better speed and you have two choices, one with less ram and fast processor other with more ram and slow processor then go with the first one which is less ram and fastest processor. For me, if you get 3 Gb clean and pure ram in your smartphone then it is enough. to beat a phone with 6 Gb ram with a slow processor.

And because of these myths phone companies are making smartphones with more ram, at a point, it is quite amazing and worthy but by adding 6, 8 or 12 Gb ram is not worthy, we didn't require a supercomputer. And for your knowledge, Apple's 2 GB ram is proven better than 6 GB of one pulse.

8. More Mega Pixels (MP) = Better Photo.

Again this is not completely true. There are more than dozens of factors which also plays role in grabbing better picture quality. Nowadays phones are coming up huge no. of MP which is still not worthy to be included in phones. Phone with 12 mp camera with a better sensor will click more satisfactory photos than a phone with 64 or 102 mp cameras.

And with sensors post-processing and lens used, optics and A.I. also plays a role to capture the most pleasing image. For example, you can see the difference between the Google's pixel phone with just one 12 mp sensor click better and amazing photos than 102 mp cameras of chines brands and this is because Google is working on their software for processing more than just fitting a camera bump in the phone.

Have a look. ( click on the images if they are not clear)

You can see that the Pixel is better than iPhone and sometimes also better than Samsung ones. But it also true that More the Mp - more the details in the image, but useless if there is no good quality sensors, post-processing software, lens, a.i. So next time do take them as a measure while comparing cameras.

7. IP ratings = Waterproof.

You may find this interesting that, the phone is waterproof or my smartwatch is waterproof but wait they are not waterproof they are water-resistant and this is different things. If your phone has IP 68  ratings then it is a standard value which means it can only tolerate water for 30 min if your device is under 1.5 m, and only if the water is fresh. 

So if your device slept and gone 1.6 m deep under the water then it will be damaged by water because of the pressure generated. And there is no warranty for water damage, Yes there is no claim if your device is water damaged you have to pay to get it fixed. let the company say what they want but there is no claim for water damage.

So beware of liquid while using your phone.

6. Mobile Phone magnets can damage credit & debit cards.

I don't know who created this fellow myth, This not true you can carry your smartphone with your credit and debit card together because our phone's magnet is not that much powerful to damage your credit and debit cards, but there is one exception which is Samsung folds phone because they use stronger magnets and there is a possibility that it can damage the magnetic strips of cards but still it is not that much powerful. So carry your debit card with your phone with a free mind.

5. Smartphones attract lighting.

Okay, it sounds reasonable because our phone uses signals but it is totally false, no test has proved this point, what I am telling you is that if you are in thunderstorms and carrying your phone will cause you no damage or your smartphone will not attract lightings means if you are in thunderstorms and if lighting fall's on you then it is because of other reasons and factors but not because of your phone. Do not examine it.

You should stay in cover while thunderstorm and there is no mean to check this myth. So take cover to protect yourself from thunderstorms.

4. Using a hairdryer to save water victim the phone.

It feels cool but it is totally unsafe and false, By using dryers to evaporate liquid from your smartphone will create other major issues, this can break you device heat resistivity and can damage your devices logic boards and other components. So it is better to leave the phone in sunlight and handover your phone to professionals.

Sometimes if you remove your battery from your phone and leave it, then there will be fewer chances of water damage because your phone will not be receiving electricity, because a mess of both water and electricity kills smartphones components. So just remove the power source to save your phone and just rub out the excess water if you want to save your device. 

3. Draining battery till 0% before charging helps and make battery better.

It is totally false and if you are doing this then stop it before it is too late. our battery doesn't work what it seems. Our phones battery is safe between 80% to 40% which is also the safest percentage to maintain your battery if you want your battery to be longlasting.

Studies have proven this and if you doing this, then you have to change your battery within 6 months. Battey is good to go at 80% of charge so whenever you charge your phone charge it till 80% and plug the charger when it reaches 30%. This will make your battery longlasting and your battery will be good to go for 2 to 3 years. After that, you should replace your battery because no battery has made to long as 4 to 5 years every Li-ion battery has an age of 1 to 3 years and 4 max if you use it ideally.

2. Use of Public Wi-Fi is risky.

Well it is true and it is not a myth, There are many ways to crack your email passwords and get your credit and debit card information when you're using free wi-fi, Most of the hackers target free wi-fi because it can be joined by anyone and security is poor.

And many hackers create a wi-fi Honey Pot to attract people to use their wi-fi and so that they can place a backdoor and malware into their smartphones. While I am writing this post I can imagine a dozen ways to extract your crucial info on free wi-fi.

I have experimented (penetration testing) this on free wi-fi provided by coffee shops and at hotels, they are really un-secure anyone can view your search history can divert your traffic and can steal your cookies and etc. But when I tested on rail-air-wifi which you can see on average Indian railway stations, I found something interesting, Rail-Air Wifi is much more secure and hard to hack than the free ones.

So if you like to use a Free wi-fi then install a VPN application then use it, VPN will make you safe and will protect you from hackers, So if you want to use free wifi do retain a VPN and still check for phishing logs.

1. 4G eats more data than 3G.

No, it is not true, 4G and 3G cost the same amount of data which is needed for example 1 Gb file will only cost 1Gb of data in both 3G and 4G if the network is stable. Same data volume is used but 4G is fast and 3g is slow. 

But 4G cost more battery then 3G so if you are outside and didn't need Fast internet then set your device connectivity to 3G if you want to save your battery, and if you just want to receive What's App message then connect as 2G which can save your battery up to 20%.

So, guys, these were some myths and I really wanted to add 10 more myths, but I spent a lot of time researching and I have to manage time for my studies too that's why this end up here. 

But don't worry soon there will be post on left myths and if you want to ask something then do ask in the comment section or if you want to share something then feel free to share in the comment section.

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