25 Amazing facts you don't know about google.


Google, a company started in 1998 has now become a tech giant. Every internet users know google.

But here I have listed 25 facts which you didn't know about Google, So let's Start

1. Google name their employees in a very distinct way.

If you are mature google worker then you are Googler, And if you are new at google then you are Noogler, And if you left the company then you will be Xoogler and if you have a pet then you are Doogler.

2. If Google Employee dies their partner gets half of their wages for the next 10 years.

This shows that Google is not just a company they treat their employee as their family.

3. Google is named after a Word Googol. 

Googol is the name of a number which is 1 followed by hundred of 0, which shows massive Google is.

4. All the data of Google was first stored in ten 4Gb hard drives.

when google started they used ten 4Gb data drives to store data and all the data drives were arranged in lego case, which made it easy to manage the hard drives. 

5. Google had patented a tattoo which has a tiny circuit board.

The tattoo was designed to make communication with your android with a microphone inside your body.

6. On 16th August 2013 Google went down for 5 minutes.

And at that time Global Internet Traffic went down for 40%. That's a big number. And till now google has indexed 130 trillion web pages.

7. Google is building a computer which can program itself.

Google acquired a company called deep mind which is working on a computer which can program itself, isn't that amazing a computer which can program itself.

8. Googles easter eggs.

If you type Google in 1998, google will show how their site looked at that time.

If you type askew then the page will be tilt clockwise, which also symbolise the meaning of the word.

If you search do a barrel rolls then the whole page will be rolling.

If you search for Thanos on google then it will show a Gauntlet and if you click on that then half of the search results will fade one by one and clicking on it again will bring them back.

9. Google owns the domain name googlesucks.com.

10. Google runs on a hundred per cent renewable energy.

Google wants to reduce their impact on environments and that's why they run their whole facility on renewable energy. Which means every bit of energy used by their servers, offices and etc comes from 100% renewable sources.

11. Googles uses 200 Goats to mow their lawns.

As being a company to reduce environmental issues google rents 200 goats to mow there garden instead of using traditional machines.

12. I'm feeling lucky button the costs Google $110 million per year.

This button doesn't take you to the search results which also contains ads on top but if you search something and click on that button then google will automatically take you the first site which comes in the organic search results. 

13.Google fund a biotech company named Calico which is built to try and find a way to fight death.

14. Once google anormously posted math equation on billboards in silicon valley and in Havard and if you solved, led to another equation, which in turn allowed you to submit your resume.

15. Google first tweet was I'm feeling lucky in binary code.

16. Google was first named Backrub.

Backrub was name based upon that how many backlinks site has means if your site has many backlinks then Backrub will think that your site is more important then other and display your pare first.

17. Excite was offered to buy Google at $1 million but they refused.

In 1999 Excite(internet company) was offered to purchase Google for $1 million but they refused and then the price was down to $750,000 but they still declined and said that they were asking high. But they have not imagined that the company will become that much big and can be global phenomena. George Bell CEO of Excite refusal has been taught as the worths decisions made in the business world.

18. At every 150 feet Google office has food.

Google has food facilities at every 150 feet. There are many reasons to explain it but the reason I found interesting is that the between every group there is a food facility so that the people working on two different projects or things can interact and discuss and who know that they get interesting and amazing ideas which no one has thought. Or they just want to make their employees happy, or they just want to make their employees not to leave the campus.

19. Google is 'Verbified'

On 2006 Oxford English dictionary added "Google" as web in their dictionary which was really huge honours, And now google influence has made their name synonymous of search info on the internet. for example "google it".

20. Google's first office was a garage and Owner is now Youtube CEO.

In 1998 Susan Wojcicki rented her garage to Google founder's Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and Susan Wojcicki joined google as 16th employee and later became CEO of Youtube on 5th February 2014. And now has a salary of $215,136 per year. isn't that amazing, did Susan thought about the future while renting her garage?

21. On early days Google's motto was Don't Be Evil.

I didn't understand what they want to say because this can't be related to their company.

22. Android logo was inspired by a bathroom sing.

If you see the bathroom sing of male it will look similar to androids logo and yes android logo is inspired from a bathroom logo, the designer would have mixed robotic to male bathroom sing and filled it with green colour to show growth.

23. An American country Nicaragua invaded Costa Rica because of Google maps.

Google made mistake in their maps which shows that some part of Costa Rica lies in a part of Nicaragua and by seeing this Nicaraguans went and started placing their flag over there. Don't worry it was sorted without the war.

24. Gamil ignores "." in their address.

Which means if you send mail at eample.123@gmail.com or at eample123@gmail.com they both will reach to one place. Which shows Gmail ignores "." in their address.

25. Google has scanned 25 million books and they are lying in their vaults.

One of the biggest and oldest aims of google is to scan all the book available on the planet. And they started this very well and at the time they scanned 25 million books, Authors and writes showed up and ultimately this program was closed or banned but still, all the scanned books are still lying in the data servers of google.

So, Guys, these were some amazing facts about Google. And do remember to share this post to others, and for any query feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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