You can Call Police Without SIM Without Balance.


Sometimes there are emergency situations in our life in which we need to call  police, ambulance or fire department  and what if you don't have any SIM card in your phone or what is you have SIM card but without balance or out fo services.

You don't have to worry about this all, you can call police, ambulance or other emergency services any time by using your phone emergency call feature because of this you can call police and other emergency services without any sim card or any balance or with sim card with out of services in every country or throughout the world.

So you don't have to worry about this, now you might wonder how this feature works throughout the world, and that's an interesting and good question to answer.

Well, there is another telephone line for emergency services, It doesn't matter it is of telephone or for mobile phone, etc but there is a separate line for emergency services for example 112 for police and 101 for the fire brigade and 102 for the ambulance.

And in India, you can also use 100 to call the police and in the USA you can also use 911 to call the police to get their help.


So if the you call on the above numbers then your phone will directly connect you to the emergency services using separate lines, no matter there is sim or balance in your phone.

So how the phones get connected without sim?

Phone searches for the available networks around you it could be of JIO, Airtel, Idea, etc. No matters which companies network is found your phone get conected to that network. And then companies connect your call to the emergency lines and then you get connected to the emergence department.

So the only thing matter here is a phone and network means you should be in network range. And some of you might have seen the emergency button on your phones lock screen and you can make your call even the phone is locked or you can use someone's phone to make a call.

In India, as we know it is a developing country and here technology is not much advance as used by the other developed countries for example the USA. Due to advancement in technology in USA, Police can trace your location and they are trained to help you by directing you what to do and can direct you escape from the life-threatening situations.

In India, you can not make an emergency call on 100 to call the police instead of 100 you have to call on 112 which is also reserved for police. So if you are in trouble just go the emergency call option of any phone.

And some countries also have different numbers for emergency services but they all are free to use.

And please don't make calls for fun because numbers belong to police authorities and bigger authorities.

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Here are some emergency numbers :



FIRE 101


Disaster Management Services 108

Women Helpline 1091

Women Helpline - ( Domestic Abuse ) 181

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