Why only Android and iOS is used in smartphones?



You might notice that all the smartphones around are Android or iOS and the majority of the smartphone in the market indeed is running on Android or iOS.

So, Why there is no other OS other then Android & iOS is competing in the market. Here in this post, I will tell you why Android and iOS are ruling the smartphone market.

Here is the report of the share of Android and iOS market share in smartphones.


In this, you can see that the Android is currently having the highest share in the market and iOS stands the second.


Due to Stong background or Stong parent company:-

Both Android and iOS have the Strongest parent companies, For Android it is Google and for iOS it is Apple, They both are the tech giants of the world.

So they have strong backing and if they fail for short term then there is plenty of money and resources that there can manage to continue there products even if they fail and can be enhanced by the time. Because they have plenty of money to spend on research and development of the OS. But there is an exception which is Windows OS for smartphones.

Android and iOS, when started, was also not perfect if you check the history they also failed sometimes but they never put a stop to.

But here was many OS developed and some of them failed and some of them succeed for short time too but they all didn't make through Android and iOS OS.

For example, there was an OS called bada launched by Samsung in there wave phone, and Tizen also from Samsung, webOS from LG and Firefox OS. They did not that good as android and iOS.

But there are many OS other than Android and iOS which is currently shocking the market for example KaiOS.

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