Why laptops comes with very bad Webcam?


You might have noticed that laptops come with very bad Webcam Besides the cam used in phones are much more advanced and they are available at a low cost too.

So, Why laptops have a bad webcam? first of all, let us discuss what is the use of laptop's webcam. A webcam is generally used in laptops for video conferencing, and for security surveillance, computer vision, video broadcasting. 

And I think there is no other major use of laptops webcam, and the all things listed above can be done on low-end webcams but they demand good webcam hardware also.

So Why companies are not interested in making webcams more developed whereas the smartphones cam is becoming nearly ideal.

So the straight reason to this is even if your laptop gets a perfect webcam but still, it will be of no use because the majority of users doesn't require a webcam on the laptop

Think about yourself, if you are a common user then do you remember when and why did you use your laptop's webcam last time, if yes then it would be for little things only or probably you could be just checking it.

If you get selfie camera on the laptop would you utilise it, if you get 12mp ultra-wide-angle camera would you utilise that and bulk of people would say NO. 


I wish now you are getting my point, the laptop users are not inquisitive in laptops camera, moreover, they are curious about the other features.


                                             Image by max_gloin from Pixabay 

And the second explanation is hardware space, there is very little place is available for webcams and it is hard to fit the good camera into that space, And budget laptops are made of affordable products so they don't enclose a better camera in the specifications.

And nowadays laptops are evolving thin which also lowers the hardware space. So space and cost also a problem for the laptop and to adjust a good cam on an average laptop is also challenging.

Moreover, if you want a good picture quality then you can purchase a good webcam and connect it to your laptop, or you can just connect your smartphone to use it as a webcam for your laptop. An ideal laptop includes better RAM, ROM, best Display quality and the cooling system too.

So I hope you now know because of the lack of necessity, price and space laptop has a very bad webcam. But if there is a necessity then all the other problems can be solved. 

And it is true if any necessity comes in future then you can see how the webcams will be getting advance but there is a lack of necessity now. So you can say the one and the only reason is lack of necessity.

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