Some people are still using PUBG!!


As we all know that PUBG was banned in India on 2nd September 2020 along with the 118 apps because of security issues.

And it seems to be right many countries have reported that Chines tech companies are stealing their people's data, Which is true also.

But some people are still playing pubg. And this is because of the available servers. Servers which was used to host the game is still online and not banned which is why you can play pubg in Samsung and Chines smartphones.

So is it legal to play Pubg??

Nope playing Pubg in India is illegal and it is taken as an act of crime in India as well as it is fair because Chines companies are influencing Indians and stealing data for their own sake.

But some streamers are however streaming Pubg!!

Yea it's true but it can be also true that they are old ones or of some other place or of some other people "who knows this?"

But if they still streaming pubg then it makes no sense, because there will be no tournaments and any other activity in Pubg in India.

It seems that some peoples are not ready to accept this and they all are running pubg using VPN and by using other things too. Moreover, they have to understand that Pubg is still just a game not more than that, it can't be someones whole life goal. And it is not the first game to be so much popular and only game to be loved. 

Many other games also become popular and were forgotten by the time. 

Is playing Pubg is safe??

Nope, it's not because the application becomes now fully vulnerable if you download Pubg from third-party sites then there is a high risk of the virus in it or malware and if your luck fails than there could be the joker malware and can drain your account money. And it is pretty much possible that Pubg makes their app vulnerable

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