Does Samsung and Google is at War?...


Dose Samsung and Google is at War?...

If you think about the Samsung and Google, they both are giant tech companies, Samsung makes the best smartphone or particularly android smartphone, on the other hand, Google makes the best software and it also makes android.

So you might think why these companies are at war because Samsung owes the largest android phones market and Google provides them with android or a tool to make their phones.

But if you have used a Samsung phone, you might notice that they are trying to replace all the Google application with Samsung ones, they have used a different design, a different colour scheme and making their device to look different from android. They provide you with Samsung apps as an alternative to Google applications, for example, Samsung Calander, Samsung Notes, Samsung Browser.

And they also partnered with Microsoft to compete with Google, for example, they have put Microsoft OneDrive, And Microsoft store as an alternative of Google Drive and Google Docs. 

And Samsung is not only competing with their apps but on the stuff also like, Google made Android TV and Samsung created their own Smart TV, Samsung also created their OS for smartwatch against Wear OS by Google. As you may get it that Samsung is moving against Google to make them go far away from Google.

I think they both company should work together as Samsung makes the world best phone and hardware as you may have seen in their latest smartphone Note 20 Ultra, And Google makes the world best android software as you can see in Google Pixel 4a the phone not have competitive hardware but the software makes it still worthy and cool too. 

Then Why these companies are fighting?

Because of increasing tech innovations hardware of the phones is getting better and better or perfect and the here comes the truth that the future profits will mostly arise form software and services because there will be a bunch of good hardware or the people already have the good or excellent hardware, And this seems a problem with Samsung form a long time they have been an excellent a hardware company they make good Screens and other phone hardware and for the sake of the future profits they have to go for software and services.

So Samsung wants to be your software hub and which you might know Google wanted this too. Which makes Google Samsung's biggest competitor, As Microsoft and Samsung both want to beat Google they came together to do it.

And some examples are Apple didn't allow Microsoft's xcloud gaming platform to their store but whereas Samsung allowed them to host xcloud gaming platform on their Galaxy Store which creates more reason to buy Samsung Smartphone too. They also allowed Fortnite on their app store where are the Apple and Google apps store banned them which also make an advantage for Samsung.

Samsung also created their own OS for smartphone called Bada in 2010 which was used in their phone named Samsung Wave, And they also tried again in 2015 by Tizen OS in Samsung Z1, And both the time their OS flopped. 

But this all made Google worry about the future of Android, Think about it if Samsung succeeds to make their OS then Google's Android will be losing their market because Samsung was in the perfect state and if they made their Successful OS then Android would become a side OS because Samsung was the one of the best smartphone company at that time too and if they succeed Android can loose their 60% to 70% of their users.

And Google has to stop this and they tried by purchasing Motorola Mobility For $12.5 billion, And it was meaningless because in 2011 Motorola Faces loss of £51 million and google said they purchased Motorola for their patents but it seems that Google has a different idea behind purchasing Motorola, I think they wanted to warn Samsung that if you don't stop messing up with Android or if you didn't stop to making your own version of it.

Samsung initially didn't respond to this of even I think they have ignored this till the release of Motorola X and Moto G phones, Moto was gaining good response to form users and the planned worked.

 About a few years thereon Samsung reached to Google with an agreement that they will give LESS TouchWiz, MORE GOOGLE APPS and Will get the general look of Google Android.

And after two days to this agreement, Google sold Motorola to Lenovo for about $2.91 billion, Yes it huge loss but they didn't care about this because it served its objective.

And they both become a friend and was going happily until...

As we all know Samsung faces their a nightmare in 2016 when Galaxy note 7s was exploding and it was the lifetime nightmare for the Samsung and soon Google launched their Pixel phones but it was framed as a competitor of iPhone and making fun of iPhones notch display and other things but it also.

But Google knows Pixel phones would be the smartest alternative of Galaxy phones but Pixel phones have their own motive to increasing android market and make android market worthy because the profit from Pixel phones is too low it feels like pennies if you look at Apple and Samsung flagships profits. 

Well, Pixel is a real Hero, it is showing the people how good Android can be the if the other companies used it adequately and it also shows how good is google services and software although it may lag in flagship hardware, Google also gave pixel Unlimited photo storage capacity and exclusive android features which all has one goal to show how good Google or Android can be if it is used properly.

And in against of this Samsung added their own A.I. in their phone named Bixby and the also launched Samsung Connect Home as an alternative of Google home. 


And if Samsung fought back again, that will make no sense because Google has already taken over the market of services, for example, many companies use Google Maps services as third-party services like Uber and many companies also use Google Drive to store data on it like What's App and if Samsung blocks these Google Services then the all other companies have to rework on their software and services.

But both companies are also trying to be friends and if they have to stop the war then Samsung should openly allow Google services and get revenue from it, Google should be providing good revenue to the Samsung for their services because they both need each other.

That was all what did you think, tell me in the comment section.

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