Build Application using Smartphone by SketchWare in 10 steps!


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You might believe that Android coding is difficult and it requires a lot of time to learn it, But here I will tell you how you can make an Android app by using simply your smartphone. 

You can utilise an application name SketchWare which you can download from Google Play Store for free this application is a tool which we will use to create an Android application.

Here in this post, you will only discover how to make a simple hello world applications, it is for beginners who don't know about this application which name is sketchware.


First, you have to go to the Play Store and download this application in your android smartphone then we are good to go.

Step 1 Creating a project:-

Click on the Create a New Project
Then Enter a name for the application.
then click on Create App

Step 2 Inserting simple textview:-

Now we will edit our application UI or we will now design it.
But for now, we will just use drag and drop function to make a simple hello world app.
For this:-
Drag the TextView option from the layout to the main screen.

Like this (the above One )

Step 3 Editing TextView on the main screen.

To edit the TextView just click on it and you can see the layout gravity in the option, layout gravity manages were to show the text in the screen
Now Click on the layout gravity

And set layout gravity to central _horizontal this will adjust the text at the centre of the screen

Step 4 Editing the Text 

To edit the text you have to scroll the options menu present on the bottom.

There are three options to edit your text:-

1). ABC to write the text (for example hello world)
2). Text Size
3). Text style to make it bold or italics and both 

Click on the ABC option and write hello world.

Step 5: Building the application

Now if you have done with coding or editing then click on the run option to build this application.
It will take time and make sure you have allowed Install from Unknown Source in the settings to test your application.

Step 6  Wait for the building procedure to finish.

Step 7 Install it.

Click on the Install button to install the application

Step 8 Allow the StketchWare to install the application.

Step 9 Execute the Application.

That was all and you might think how easy it was to create an application by using Sketchware.
And if you want to learn more about this application then do allow notification of this site to receive the latest tutorials.
Thank You.

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