What is Dark Web? & How to use it?

If you want to become a hacker or web penetration test then you should know about Dark Web and in this post, I will teach you what is dark web any why hackers and crackers love it.

First of let's see what is the dark web:-

The dark web is also a content host on the World Wide Web but can be only accessed by a special type of software like Tor, I2P(Internet Invisible Protocol ). 

The dark web is a small part of the deep web many peoples mix dark web and deep web but they are different Dark Web is a small part of the Deep Web although deep web can be accessed by your normal browser dark web requires special types of browsers.

What we use is surface web if you are using my website or using websites like google.com, facebook.com, wikipedia.org and etc these are available on the surface web which means.

Surface Web data and content is recognized by our normal browser and we can use the surface web with our normal browser. But the dark web content and data are not recognized by our normal browsers which means that we can't access dark web though our normal browser.

Read this paragraph carefully and you will get what is dark web really:-

Surface Web + Deep Web + Dark Web makes the Internet, things which you use is not all internet it is bigger than your thoughts, the surface web can be used by anyone on the Internet and you may know the surface web is how long or it has many websites servers, and other things but it comprises only about 4% of the internet and dark web comprises 6% of the internet and remaining 90% is the deep web. 

You are only on 4% of the internet which is still full not explored by you or me or major people.

Here I have placed some graphics to make you understand what is the dark web check them before reading the other subtopics of this post.



The dark web is different from the deep web sometimes people mix dark web with the deep web, but deep is data or content which is not indexed so it is not recognized by our search engine but you can use the deep web in your normal, example here is my website http://medikit.epizy.com it is not indexed in google search console or in any search engine data or in the context so if you search this web site by its name then you will not able to find it but if type the above URL in the web browser then you can open my website and my website comes under deep web which cannot be browsed by search engines. And many websites in the deep web contain crucial content also and sometimes confidential too. But the dark web website uses .onion URLs which can be only opened in Tor browser 

Data and content on The Dark Web:-

Now let's talk about the content provided in the dark web and after this will tell you how to use dark web and how dark web works.

Most of the content present on the dark web is
child pornography, followed by black markets, while the individual sites with the highest traffic were dedicated to botnet operations.

most of the things present on the dark web are illegal and banned content.

Dark web markets:-

Dark web markets contain the usually unusual thing like drugs, guns, a mysterious box, and etc unusual things, Dark web markets also sell some unusual services like:-

and etc.

Many hackers alone or in group sell hacking services on the dark web and many websites are also created to scam peoples a report says only 50% of the website available on the dark web provides promised services and other websites are used by scammers and hackers to steal personal information and etc. 

Bitcoins are the currency mainly used in the dark web for money transactions because it provides anonymous payments, But many websites ask for money by using credit and debit cards.

So if you are browsing the dark web then keep in mind that you can be scammed.

here are some dark web markets screenshots:-





How to use the Dark web and how Dark web works?

Dark web websites can only be used in Tor which provides the onion routing which makes both the host and the client anonymous because or onion routing your browser is protected with more than 4 IP protocols and which makes unable to trace your geolocation. The routes use large no. of intermediate small servers which make it hard to hack dark web sites and make encryption on the data packets.

In the dark web, users cannot trace the websites or the hosts and users also cannot be traced due to the high-level encryptions.

So if you want to share confidential files data then you can share with the person on the dark web. 

How to use dark websites:-

(*) First, go and Install Tor browser form the official site of tor:-


(*) Second, Install and run a VPN if you want a free VPN then go for VPNBOOK and I also use it.


Now you are good to go, 

The dark web website is hosted on .onion domains and these domains are usually unmeaning full and scrambled.

Here, guys, I will not provide you any Dark Web Domains because it would be against my privacy policy you can find it on the internet just type dark web link and open any website and links which will have suffix .onion 

there is no perfect search engine for the dark web but you can use torch which is a search engine for the dark web.

Be safe on the dark web and did not share your personal info on it and be aware of scammers.

If you have any doubt then feel free to ask it in the comment section.

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