How to secure your Whats App account from hackers?

Short Intro
As we all know that WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, makes voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media. 
WhatsApp now has 1.5 billion monthly active users, 200 million users in India. And we all WhatsApp to communicate personally and officially. So it's important to secure WhatsApp messenger. Here I have told some steps to secure your WhatsApp Messenger.

1. Secure your WhatsApp from the spy app.


Spy Apps are the applications which when get installed then will send your device data to the third person(hacker, an unauthorized user and etc.). including images, messages, call recordings, videos and files/folders. So the third person can easily log in to your WhatsApp account because now he can access the OTP(One Time Password generally send to verify users) as He/She can have access to your device. It is most common in Android devices.


a). Don't install applications from unknown sources. Use a trusted store like Play Stor, Microsoft Store and etc.
b). While installing an Application on your Android, iOS and etc read the permissions required by the applications. for example, installing a Flashlight  Blinker in android check does the app require access to your messages, call logs and etc.and if then not install it.
c). Regular check the list of installed apps in your device because some spy applications get hidden after installation.


2. Secure WhatsApp form A Hacker (on A Wi-Fi)



For example, if you are using public Wi-Fi or any unknown Wi-Fi then there is a higher chance for your WhatsApp to be hacked. Because a hacker can gain access to your Internet browsing data or what you are doing on the internet and he or she can also hijack your device and can gain unauthorized access to your device(which also includes your messages).So He or She can easily log in to your account.


a). Never use any unknown Wi-Fi.
b). While using public Wi-Fi use VPN services.
c). Install good anti-virus software. (If using Pc).

3. Secure WhatsApp from Physical Attack.


A person can hack your WhatsApp just using your device only for 20 seconds. WhatsApp provides services which allow users to use WhatsApp on Windows or Mac. To do this user has only to scan the security code and the user can now use the WhatsApp account on his or her PC. So He or She can gain access to your what's app account through only carrying your device.



a). Don't give your phone to an unknown person.
b). Not let your phone unlocked.
c). Lock your WhatsApp but don't use any app lock use your system app lock services.

4. Additional security steps:-

a). Anyone can read your WhatsApp chat if he has your msgcrypt.db a file which stores chats in the form of coding.

*Prevent this don't share your any of WhatsApp file or folder to anyone.

b). If someone disconnects the receiver and pretends that he or she is the receiver (through receivers' private key) then he or she can now receive receivers messages.

*Prevent this go to your WhatsApp setting and Enable Security Notifications.

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